At Kidz Possible, we believe that every child deserves the opportunity to develop meaningful and reciprocal relationships. We provide a safe space to learn social skills in a way that builds self-confidence and provides opportunities to learn in a natural social setting.

Our program is highly interactive and engaging with an emphasis on healthy relationship building and providing natural opportunities for peer-to-peer interaction through play. We help our clients build the skills that really matter. We can’t wait to support you and your child!

Michelle Gonzalez has been supporting kids and families since 1999. As a current special education teacher and behavior specialist, she understands how critical social and regulation skills are in the classroom, and beyond. She holds a B.S. degree from Fort Hays State University and an M.B.A. from Baker University.

She is best known for her unwavering commitment to youth and her superhuman knack for overindulging her pets. Michelle, along with her husband and three children live in Richardson, TX.

“We’ve only been to one session and it was last night, and my kids woke up this morning and are still talking about it! Michelle has given kids a space where kids can be themselves and grow in their social interactions with others. They gain the tools to make their dreams possible!” -Ashlea, FB review

“Our son loves coming to Kidz Possible! He’s learning so much. Sharing has always been a huge struggle for him and it’s no longer an issue. Thank you for all you do!

” I signed my 17 year old son up for the Summer Teen Social Club. Michelle really connects with the students and teaches on their level. He felt comfortable from the very first session and thought it was great to be able to have some fun while learning social awareness skills. He has been to 4 sessions and is looking forward to continuing though out the school year. Thank you Michelle for taking the time to help these students be their best!” -Karon, FB review