Is Kidz Possible Social Club & Developmental Play Groups right for my child?

Is your child in need of EMOTIONAL REGULATION skills?

  • Have big emotions to small problems?
  • Seem younger or more immature compared to peers?
  • Trouble letting go & “rolling with it?”
  • Need adults to compensate for difficult tasks to avoid a meltdown?
  • Have regular bouts of impulsivity?
  • Have extreme sensitivity to rejection or constructive feedback?
  • Become anxious or angry with changes in schedules, routines or spaces?
  • Struggle to remain kind when playing with others?
  • Overreact to “everyday” stressors?
  • Have difficulty expressing big emotions in healthy ways?

Is your child in need of EXECUTIVE FUNCTIONING skills?

  • Become easily distracted?
  • Have difficulty foreseeing cause & effect?
  • Struggle to keep spaces neat & orderly?
  • Complete homework but fail to turn in on time or not at all?
  • Have a backpack full of crumpled papers, broken pens and 1/2 eaten granola bars?
  • Lose track of their belongings?
  • Think simple tasks will take more effort and time than they do?
  • Have impulsive behavior?
  • Have difficulty following directions?
  • Misbehave in unstructured environments?
  • Struggle to stay on top of their schedule & responsibilities?

Is your child in need of SOCIAL skills?

  • Have trouble maintaining friendships?
  • Seem oblivious to how they are perceived by their peers?
  • Lack a “social filter” and often embarrass those around them?
  • Feel like everyone picks on them?
  • Talk “at” rather than “with” peers?
  • Seem “too much, too fast” with friends they just met?
  • Struggle to understand social norms?
  • Want to have friends but seem to become more socially isolated the older they get?
  • Often interrupt others?

As a parent, do you

  • Worry about your child’s ability to develop relationships and connections within their community?
  • Fear that their lack of social skills will negatively affect their future career and relationships?
  • Want them to feel confident in their ability to navigate their social world?
  • Worry their struggles in school will be a continuing issue?

Welcome, you’ve come to the right place!

Kidz Possible is so much more than a social skills group! Our Social Club help neurodiverse kids connect, learn, and grow! Our social clubs are designed for kids ages 8 – 17 with Autism, NVLD, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorders, and for those who need help making friends and understanding how their behaviors affect relationships and academic outcomes.

At Kidz Possible, we believe that every child deserves the opportunity to learn social skills in a fun and psychologically safe environment. We use a strengths based approach to increase self-esteem and provide natural opportunities for developing positive, reciprocal relationships. Our interventions and strategies are backed by research, client-centered and rooted in experience.

If this sounds boring to you or your child, don’t worry! We believe you can be both evidence-based and fun, the two aren’t mutually exclusive! Our program is highly interactive and engaging with an emphasis on providing opportunities for peer-to-peer social rewards and connection. We help our clients build the skills that they will use over and over again in academic, professional and social environments.

Our Methodology

Kidz Possible utilizes evidence-based programs and strategies to teach your child the social skills needed to foster healthy relationships and build self-confidence. Our background in behavior skills training and special education provides our clients with fun and interactive learning opportunities specifically designed to develop confidence and a strong personal agency. We routinely utilize the following programs:

  • The Momentous Institute ChangeMakers curriculum promotes social emotional learning to build relationship skills, self-regulation skills, and self-awareness.
  • PEERSĀ®, Program for the Education and Enrichment of Relational Skills, is world-renowned for providing evidence-based social skills treatment to neurodiverse children, adolescents, and young adults.
  • Super Flex and the Zones of Regulation is a social learning curriculum developed by Michelle Garcia Winner and Leah M. Kuypers. Both frameworks focus on developing self-regulation, executive functioning, perspective taking and social problem solving skills.